Your Dreams Can Save Your Health

Signs of Infectious Diseases in Dreams, Dreaming the Right Remedies, Accurate Diagnosis, and Early Detection of Diseases

122 pages 5,5X8,5

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Your dreams save your health

Dreams are the ultimate guardians of our health and longevity, the medium through which we can communicate effectively with a body which has more knowledge of health and the preservation of youth than all the doctors in the world put together. Dreams never fail to let us know what is happening inside us and what is harming us, not just in our organs but on a cellular level. When we begin to lose our inner balance, dreams never fail to warn us, allowing us to react immediately. At this early stage, it is easier to restore the good order of our bodies or minds. Of course, not all your dreams are triggered by your body to apprise you of your health, and you need to know how to identify those that are.

Over the course of this book, I will guide you through how to do this on your own. To this end, I will first give you some examples of dreams that signal the development of the most common ailments, and I will then take you on a journey inside the body through further examples of dreams related to our inner “landscapes”. Indeed, the inner body is a world unto itself, and you will see how your dreams can reveal it to you. In the third part of this book, I will explain how you can induce dreams to answer questions about your health. People did so in ancient temples, especially in Egypt, Greece and Rome, through a practice known as dream incubation. It can also be done from the safety of your own home, and you need only know how to proceed. We will move on to the presentation of some simple “self-hypnosis dream techniques,” intended to influence your subconscious mind positively so that it boosts, when needed or as a preventative, your vitality and healing forces. I will conclude with tips for observing your dreams efficiently.

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