Depression and How Your Dreams Can Help You Avoid it

Depression and how your dreams can help you avoid it

Depression and How Your Dreams Can Help You Avoid It

What Depression Is, and How Its Earliest Signs Appear in Your Dreams While There Is Still Time to Avoid It

116 pages - 5,5X8,5

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Over the course of this book, we will examine the most common areas of loss and gain of life energy, before considering some examples of dreams that signal damage to this energy, which after a while, if nothing is done to change the situation, can trigger depression. We will conclude by opening new horizons through the presentation of some little-known, forgotten or once forbidden technologies, destined to recharge the human body with energy and therefore to act on the main cause of depression, that is, lack of energy in the body.

For more than thirty years, I have observed the functioning of the human body at the junction between dream and reality. Dreams show that the number one goal of the subconscious and the body is the preservation of LIFE. Therefore, the body and the subconscious never fail to inform us of everything that harms it. They do this mainly through dreams but also through physical cues. Dreams always sound the alarm bell when we lose too much energy, and they often offer a solution long before it is too late to avoid depression.

By observing your dreams, you will be able to get to know yourself better both psychologically and physically. You will be able to better manage your energy and stop wasting or losing it through ignorance. You will be able to understand how to make life choices which will allow you to almost always have enough energy at your disposal to remain mentally healthy and to enjoy an existence full of joy.

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