The Clairvoyance of Dreams

The Clairvoyance of Dreams

What Clairvoyance Is And How You Can Simply Use Your Dreams to Achieve It

clairvoyance of dreams

86 pages 5X8

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While the ability to see the future in the waking state is far from being easy and far from being common among mankind, dreaming about the future is absolutely common and easy, because when we sleep our subconscious mind communicates naturally with our subconscious mind through dreams, and automatically conveys information about the future it is creating. Of course, our subconscious mind is knowledgeable about our future, because it is the one that creates it.

Throughout history many people have experienced spontaneous clear dreams about some important future events. Like them, you may naturally dream about your future whenever your subconscious mind decides it. However, you can also take consciously the initiative to trigger a dream about your future whenever you think that you need it. This book will teach you how you can do it.

In this book, I will explain two simple techniques for getting information about your future from your dreams, whenever you want them. I will also explain what makes these techniques more effective and what hinders them.

But, at first let's see what clairvoyance is in general, how the different types of clairvoyance work and what the different kinds of seers do. And in case you decide to continue consulting clairvoyants instead of using your own abilities, you will learn with this book how to get the most of your sessions, since you will better understand what clairvoyance is and how it works.    


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